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JenJilesVoiceWebsite2_03aJennifer Jiles is A Voice for All Reasons. Being an accomplished actress and comedienne with a background in improvisation, Jennifer can take any direction given to her and make it work (from straight announcer to loving Mom to a character with an accent.) With her extraordinary sense of comic timing and wit when reading a script, Ms. Jiles is able to make a simple script funny and a funny script even funnier—all within the allotted time. Her clear fresh sound and personal humor bring a unique vibe to anything that she voices.


Voice-over Clients (partial list)

Miller Lite
Burger King
Pizza Hut
9 Lives
Menopause, The Musical
Toys R Us
Honey Nut Cheerios
Continental Airlines
Vassar College
Bank of America
The Learning Channel
The Hallmark Channel
Discovery Channel
CBS 2 News

Voice-over Samples

From being the voice of the Goose on Martha Stewart’s KMART commercial to narrating the documentary “Understanding Evolution” on The Learning Channel, Jennifer once again proves her versatility but this time without showing her face.

Just a few examples of the hundreds of spots recorded…



Video Narration

Audiobook Bio & Samples

Comedic – Engaging – Versatile – Storyteller

Jennifer Jiles is a comedic, engaging, and versatile storyteller and an Emmy Award-winning actress and comedienne with a background in theatre and improvisation who has worked with such stars as Tim Conway, Tom Poston, Samantha Eggar and Carl Reiner.

As a popular audiobook narrator, she’s recorded audiobooks in the genres: young adult, children’s, crime drama, non-fiction and fantasy erotic. Ms. Jiles’ clear fresh sound and personal humor bring a unique vibe to anything that she voices, and she’s also voiced hundreds of commercials, as well as promos, and narrations.

Jennifer is known for her critically-acclaimed one woman show, KICKING & SCREAMING, The Musical! about her years as a Radio City Rockette, in which she plays 21 different characters, and the Emmy Award-winning host of SportsChannel’s “DYNAMETS!”, a weekly New York Mets baseball show for kids. In the independent film world, she is the 5x Best Actress winner for “The Waiting Room”, the 2x Best Actress winner and Breakout Performance winner, as well as the co-writer and co-producer for “Mother of the Week”, and the 2x Best Actress winner for “The Choice”. (This heartfelt film follows Jiles’ lead character Charlise who faces the challenges of dating while battling advanced MS.) In 2018, Ms. Jiles was presented with the honorary New Jersey Achievement Award in the Art of Acting.


“Jennifer Jiles provides a dynamic narration, infusing the interesting and vibrant characters with verve and keeping listeners attention.”  –July, 2015 School Library Journal

“As a number of seeds blow in the autumn wind, one tiny seed floats behind the rest. “Will it be able to keep up with the others? And where are they all going?” Narrator Jennifer Jiles establishes both a tone of wonder and a sense of character. Throughout the book, Eric Carle’s collages and story cover a lot of territory–multiple habitats, four seasons, the life cycle of seeds, and the threats of a hungry bird, a “big, fat weed,” and a careless human. Jiles’s fluid narration balances science and story, the book’s concepts and its character. The tiny seed endures and by book’s end is “a big and beautiful flower” that releases its own seeds, completing a circle easily understood by young children. – S.W. © AudioFile 2016, Portland, Maine [Published: JANUARY 2016]

“I’ve just finished listening to THE LOST TRACK OF TIME, and I just have to gush over what an amazing job you did — your character voices were uniformly superb and spot-on, and you pulled me into the story to the point where I didn’t want it to end! Kudos to you; we clearly need to do more projects so you can tell me more stories!”   —Paul Gagne, Director of Production, Weston Woods & Scholastic Audiobooks

“One minute Penelope is trapped in a strict daily schedule recited by her mother each morning in a chipper voice; the next she falls through her itinerary into the Realm of Possibility, where the overlord, Chronos, has forbidden idle time. There she encounters many colorful characters whom narrator Jennifer Jiles voices with exuberant whimsy. Penelope and her new friend, Dill, set off to find the Great Moodler, the only one who can defeat Chronos. Jiles gives the Wild Bores a monotone stream of words with which to bore visitors to death. Dill’s enthusiasm for the infinite uses of mushrooms is hysterical. Especially memorable is Jiles’s portrayal of the Cuckoo Bird, whose dialogue is peppered with cuckoo sounds.” —M.F.T. © AudioFile 2015, Portland, Maine

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Audiobook Resume

PINKY & REX (series) by James Howe and Melissa Sweet -Simon & Schuster / Kessler Media
IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU by Stephanie Kate Strohm – Scholastic Audio
THIS LITTLE PRESIDENT by Joan Holub and Daniel Roode – Simon & Schuster/ Kessler Media
PSYCHOLOGY: CORE CONCEPTS by Phillip Zimbardo – D.E.G. Productions
COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY by Bridget & Greg Robinson-Riegler – D.E.G. Productions
HAVE A LOOK SAYS BOOK by Richard Jackson and Kevin Hawkes- Simon & Schuster/ Kessler Media
IF NOT FOR YOU by Bob Dylan and David Walker-Simon & Schuster/ Kessler Media
ZACH AND LUCY (series) by The Pifferson Sisters and Mark Chambers -Simon & Schuster/ Kessler Media
THE TINY SEED by Eric Carle – Weston Woods
GOVERNMENT BY THE PEOPLE by David B Magleby – D.E.G. Productions
THE JOURNEY OF ADULTHOOD by Barbara R Bjorklund – D.E.G. Productions
THE LOST TRACK OF TIME by Paige Britt – Scholastic Audio/ Kessler Media
ROCKY-TALES OF THE WERE by Bianca D’Arc – Samhain Publishing
CORKTOWN, ABBY KANE THRILLER by Ty Hutchinson – Audible
MY NINE LIVES BY CLIO by Margorie Priceman – Simon & Schuster/ Kessler Media
THE FOUNDING FATHERS by Jonah Winter – Simon & Schuster/ Kessler Media
WHAT ZEESIE SAW ON DELANCY STREET by Elsa Okon Rael – Simon & Schuster/ Kessler Media
AGING MATTERS by Nancy R Hooyman – D.E.G. Productions

Audiobook Samples

The Lost Track of Time
ROCKY, Tales of the Were by Bianca D’Arc
Corktown-An Abby Kane Thriller
Non-fiction: The Journey of Adulthood
Children’s Audiobooks: Zach and Lucy