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So I get a call from my long lost agent, Penny Luedkte, would I audition for a one liner for a low budget feature? Hardeehar. Nowadays, that’s like winning the Pulitzer!! (bad metaphor, but I’m at a loss.).

So, I go to the audition and the director LOVES me! I know I’m funny and I can also carry a freakin 2 hour one person show, have held my own with stars on stage, and have an Emmy. I’m not sure he knows that; he just liked my audition. I play an Italian American Pastry chef on Staten Island. Then all I did was talk about the script a little, and he says, You read it? Of course I read it! I wanted to see the context for my one line (and also if there was a bigger part for me…). He was so excited that he freaking walks me out of the studio and we talk about the script while I get my coat on! He’s adorable—oh his name is Chris Kublan—and I ask who’s playing the wife (a perfect role for me) and I’d love to be seen for it. He tells me Annabelle Sciori. I say, Well, if it doesn’t work out… He says, It will. (At least I put it out there!)

Okay, cut to: I get an email from my agent that There might be a chance that the Pastry Chef could get cut, so the director wants me to come in to read for a few parts. He wants to make sure I get a role in the film. I’m so psyched! I head back downtown (way downtown) and audition for 2 other small roles I could easily pull out of my ass. We have a great time at the audition and he tells me he’ll see me on set!

I got the call that I booked it on the way into the city to meet another casting director.

It’s one line and it’s right at the beginning of the film so don’t blink, but it’s a new film credit on my resume!!

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