“As a young dancer, growing up in Poughkeepsie, NY, I always wanted to stick out, be up in front (get some laughs).

Then, I got the most famous dancing job in the world where I had to fit in, stay in line (be quiet).

In my one woman show, I can take center stage (no other cast members), play my characters based on some of the real life Radio City crew, sing original songs written by the incomparable Jack Mezzano, get into shape showing off my eye-high kicks, and tell you what it was really like to be a Rockette—not what the Radio City PR machine tells you.” — Jen

written and performed by Jennifer Jiles
music and lyrics by Jack Mezzano
directed and choreographed by Cookie Harlin

The Rockettes are world famous for dancing in unison, looking identical and all kicking at the same height. Not for Jennifer Jiles! Watch as this ex-Rockette kicks it even higher and dances to the beat of her own drummer in this hilarious, touching musical and dramatic tell-all story of life on and off-stage.

Kicking & Screaming, The Musical! is must-see, One Woman Show in Two Acts with Five Original Songs, featuring 21 Different Characters in the life of One Emmy Award Winning Actress Jennifer Jiles.

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  • “I loved it! It’s funnier than a pie in the face! Tell your parents to send in $1 to Jennifer ASAP!”
    — Soupy Sales
  • “I love Jennifer Jiles!”
    — Carl Reiner

  • “Jennifer Jiles’ act has legs!”
    — Joey Reynolds

“This show is for anyone who’s seen a show, dreamed of being on stage, wonders what goes on behind the scenes or just loves to laugh and be totally entertained! All of Jiles’ characterizations are funny and well executed…at her best executing flawless double pull-backs, the wooden soldier routine, and the high kicks the Rockettes are famous for… really becomes fascinating when Jiles gets into describing all the behind-the-scenes stuff …The little details are what make the show out of the ordinary… Kicking & Screaming should be required watching.”


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