Healing Through Connection

As an evidential psychic medium, I bring my empathy and passion to connect people on earth with their loved ones in spirit.

Jennifer Jiles is an evidential psychic medium who brings her empathy and passion to connect people on earth with their loved ones in spirit.  She knows there is nothing more powerful than healing through connection whether between friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, or pets, incarnate or discarnate. “A highly creative and caring psychic medium who will show you truths about your life from perspectives you have not considered.” 

Jen is also an accomplished Tarot Card, Tea Leaf, Turkish Coffee, Flower and Chocolates reader and uses these divination tools to gain insight into the past, present and future and to guide her client's life’s journey, both spiritually and practically. 

She produces and performs in Psychic Sundays, a live psychic variety show in Peekskill, NY, and is one of the four psychic mediums in the sought after group The DeMystics with renowned psychic medium Priscilla Keresey, Karen Breslin and Theresa Turetzky.  Finally, Jen is a 2nd Level Reiki Master and, most importantly, a mother of two boys, who utilizes yoga, meditation and Pranayama to balance her busy career and home life.

How I Got Here:

After many successive devastating losses, I booked a session with fellow DeMystic* and renowned evidential psychic medium Priscilla Keresey looking to quell my grief and find answers. When I saw that Priscilla offered classes promoting that anyone could learn the skills to become a psychic medium, I took a leap of faith and quickly recognized that I, too, could communicate with spirit.

What Clients Are Saying:
I have had true mediumship readings from Jen on quite a few occasions. She has connected me with a very dear friend who I lost during my stay in the US Army. She also connected me with my Father and my Grandmother. The facts that she brought forth on all occasions were remarkable and so accurate. It was as if Jen knew these individuals when they walked this plane of existence. Her readings kept me engaged and emotionally moved by her remarkable ability to bring forward the messages the departed had for me as well as the remembrance of times past. At every reading I was astounded by Jen's talent and abilities. Jen is for real and a true Medium!
Jennifer Jiles helped me emotionally the day before my father’s funeral. It was gut wrenching for me. Jennifer and I were on the phone talking, and I had three pictures in front of me of my father. She described one perfectly and saw him younger, dancing on the other side. My father loved to dance. She also helped me when my dog passed. She said that she saw his memories of where he used to love to walk. She described the park to a T exactly. Even in dating relationships she has been spot on with all of them. It’s so helps when you talk these things out instead of going through it alone. I highly recommend her.
I received accurate new insights during, and then for the weeks following my session with Jen.  The images that came to her did not specifically relate to the questions I had.  Instead, she tapped into the major obstacle I was facing in my life at that time, giving me valuable information about the people involved and the best way forward. Jen is a highly creative and caring psychic medium who will show you truths about your life from perspectives you have not considered.

What to Expect in a Session:

My goal is to serve both you, as the sitter, and your people in spirit, as the communicators, by translating any thoughts, feelings or messages that come through. I simply give you the specific evidence that is presented to me to not only help you identify which spirit person is communicating, but also why they needed to speak with you now (their message). Understand that they are as happy to connect with you as you are with them. Technically speaking, I raise my vibration and notice who in spirit has come forward to communicate.

The session works best when you are open to hear from spirit without being too tied to your expectations as to what you want from them or even whom you must hear from. This openness will in turn “raise your vibration” and the session tends to flow better with both of us on the same wave length. You are welcome to record the session as well as take notes, and please feel free to bring any questions to ask me towards the end of the connection — questions for or about your spirit people, yourself, your earthbound friends, family, love interests, co-workers, boss, etc, or of any nature whatsoever.

Individuals & Groups, In-person, Phone, Skype, Zoom

60 Minute Private Reading   $160
30 Minute Private Reading   $90

60 Minute Semi-Private Reading (2-4 people) $190

Message Circle (90 Minutes, 10 person min)   $30 per person

Tarot Card, Tea Leaf, Turkish Coffee, Flower (Floramancy) & Chocolate Readings at Parties, Weddings, Bridal Showers & Events   $150-$250/ hour depending on size, event type and location.  2 hour minimum & most readings average 10 minutes each.

Payment accepted by Cash, Check, Venmo, PayPal or Zelle

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NOTE: Psychic readings are for entertainment only. All psychic readings are intended to offer insight into a person’s personal life and do not in any way constitute legal, financial, medical or professional advice. By engaging in a reading with any psychic, you understand that psychic experts do not diagnose illnesses, including questions pertaining to death.

*”The DeMystics” are Four Psychic Mediums (Priscilla Keresey, Jennifer Jiles, Karen Breslin and Theresa Turetzky) who bring the Afterlife Down to Earth in a platform or gallery style show by the same name.