I help audiences step into their authentic selves so they can see how awesome their lives truly are.

As an Actor, Writer, Producer, Former Radio City Rockette, and Mom, I live a full and exciting life. Like everyone else, it can get messy and feel out of control if I keep my head down in the minutiae. But as soon as I zoom back and remember to stay true to myself and live by the rules that resonate the most with me, I feel free, live with more joy, and honor my authentic self.


A Rockette Out of Line:
conforming can be transforming

Drawing by Ron Crawford

When I auditioned for the Radio City Rockettes, I wasn’t sure I was going to get in or fit in. After all, I always dreamed of performing at Radio City….but as a solo act, not in a line of 36. Anonymity wasn’t part of my dream and following the Rockette Rules (written and unwritten) was something I had to get used to. I learned pretty quickly though that conforming can be transforming. I found my authentic self after doing my best to fit in and earned the right to step out of line and forge my own path to where I live in harmony in my world.


Find fullfillment being part of a team.

Why conforming to the company rules brings progress and peace.

Stay engaged in your role and understand its importance.

How to stay true to yourself and your team.


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